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Space Rental

Florists, floral instructors, and private gatherings, we have the perfect spot for you!

Space Rental: Feature

Floral Experts

If you are in need of the ideal space to design and store your arrangements for a large event or teach a class on floral design, then we have the perfect space for you conveniently located at the Flower Market.


  • Tables & Chairs

  • Refrigeration

  • Air-conditioned

  • Restroom use

  • Stem cutters in space

  • Meeting space for clients

  • Shelving for centerpieces

Private Gatherings

Book a space with a floral flair for your next private gathering. Accepting inquiries for a bridal or baby shower, birthday, or other private gatherings at the Flower Market.

The private event includes:

  • Tables & chairs

  • Flower bar project for your guests

  • Tools and supplies to complete the project

  • Food, beverages, and dessert options

  • Restroom use

  • Food & beverages options or bring your own

Space Rental: Our Services
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