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Meet Lena Xiong-Perez: The Humble Farmer Who Cultivates Beautiful Flowers

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Welcome to our "Get-To-Know-The-Flower Grower" series of our flower-powered blog, where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of flowers and the passionate people who grow them. In this series, we learn about those dedicated to cultivating locally grown flowers. From small-scale farmettes to large commercial growers, each has a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of flower growing, one grower at a time.

Meet Lena Xiong-Perez, the humble farmer who cultivates beautiful flowers and is the proud owner of Humble Rice Farmer in Winton, California. In 2019, Lena began her journey as a grower and since then, she has found great joy in having control over her schedule and achieving a harmonious balance between work and life. Lena cherishes the freedom to nurture her plants while appreciating the beauty of nature at her own pace.

Being a grower comes with its share of highs and lows. For Lena, the highlights include seeing the joy and appreciation on people's faces when they encounter specialty blooms from Humble Rice Farmer, especially the stunning sunflowers and peonies, and fragrant eucalyptus. Despite her dedication and passion, Lena faces significant challenges posed by unpredictable weather conditions, wavering water availability, and navigating complex county farming regulations. Balancing her love for farming with administrative requirements imposed by the county is no easy task.

Looking ahead, Lena hopes for a bright future for flower growers in the region. She envisions a community that values and supports the local flower industry, creating a sustainable and thriving environment for everyone involved. Lena's dedication to her craft and her ability to overcome obstacles make her an inspiration for aspiring flower growers in the area.

Among her stunning blooms, Lena has a special fondness for sunflowers. These vibrant flowers hold a special place in her heart because they remind her of her father: resilient, strong, joyful, and endlessly positive. Sunflowers embody the qualities Lena admires and wishes to cultivate in her own life.

In addition to her green thumb, Lena possesses a playful and quirky talent. She can blow bubbles that gracefully float away, captivating those around her with a simple yet mesmerizing skill. Lena's joyful nature and ability to find wonder in life's small moments shine through.

If you're eager to experience Lena's beautiful blooms firsthand, you're in luck! Humble Rice Farmer offers a variety of convenient ways to purchase. You can explore her collection on Instagram (@humble_rice_farmer) for porch pick-ups or find her at local farmers' markets, where her vibrant displays stand out. Lena’s beautiful blooms can be found at The Merced Flower Market every other Thursday at Five Ten Bistro, 510 W Main St. in downtown Merced.

While Lena's farm isn't open to the public, her commitment to her craft and her dedication to delivering exceptional flowers cannot be overstated. Through her passion and expertise, Lena Xiong-Perez has become an inspiration to flower growers and enthusiasts alike.

So, whether you want to brighten your day with sunflowers, add elegance with peonies, or infuse your space with the fresh scent of eucalyptus, Lena's Humble Rice Farmer is your go-to source for exceptional floral arrangements and beautiful blooms. Support local growers, embrace the beauty of nature, and discover the joy that Lena and the Humble Rice Farmer team bring to your life.

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