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Meet Amy Ayers: The Green Thumb Behind Silver Frog Flowers

Welcome to our "Get-To-Know-The-Flower Grower" series of our flower-powered blog, where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of flowers and the passionate people who grow them. In this series, we learn about those dedicated to cultivating locally grown flowers. From small-scale farmettes to large commercial growers, each has a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of flower growing, one grower at a time.

Meet Amy Ayers, the passionate green thumb behind Silver Frog Flowers, a small flower business based in Kingsburg, California. After years of gardening and flower arranging, Amy officially started her flower-growing journey in 2017. Today, she cultivates about 1/8 of an acre on her family's farm and offers fresh-cut flowers, potted bulbs, and ferns.

For Amy, being a grower is all about the learning process. She values both her mistakes and successes as valuable experiences that strengthen her abilities and fill her with pride. But above all, she loves the feeling of bringing joy to someone's home or event with her beautiful blooms. That's why she puts so much care and attention into every stem. Better yet, talk with her about flowers and you will quickly learn about her passion for sharing flowers and their joy with her community.

Of course, being a grower comes with its challenges. Amy's biggest hurdle is her limitations, including resources, space, and permission. But instead of getting discouraged, she turns those limitations into opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Fun fact: did you know that Amy has been a teacher for the past 22 years? But despite her love of teaching, the dirt and flowers kept calling her name. It runs in the family, too - her grandparents started the farm where she grows her stunning flowers. One standout flower on the farm is a Snowball Viburnum that her grandparents planted over 50 years ago. Thanks to their foresight and care, Amy gets buckets full of this amazing bloom every spring. It's a testament to the longevity and beauty of the flowers she grows.

In addition to her love for flowers, Amy has a unique hobby of collecting flower frogs. Her first one was silver, which is how she came up with the name Silver Frog Flowers.

Looking to the future, Amy hopes that flower growers in the region will receive recognition for their hard work. She believes that supporting local farmers is not only good for the community but also a smart choice for consumers. Local produce is often of higher quality and lasts longer, which means that it's cheaper in the long run, even if the initial cost may be slightly higher. She also makes a conscious effort to minimize the use of floral foam and plastic supplies in her work, preferring to reuse vessels whenever possible and use what people have on hand.

To get your hands on some of Amy's blooms, you can purchase her products directly from her at the Fresno Flower Market or call her to book her for event work and source her farm-fresh blooms. Once you experience the beauty and quality of her flowers, you'll want to keep coming back for more. Follow her account on Instagram @silverfrogflowers

Amy Ayers is a dedicated and talented grower with a passion for creating beautiful, sustainable, and locally grown flowers. If you're in the Fresno or Kingsburg area, don't miss out on the opportunity to support this wonderful business, meet Amy, and check out Silver Frog Flowers!

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