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Cultivating Tranquility: Dallas Nord and the Essence of Solace Lavender Farm

Welcome to our "Get-To-Know-The-Flower Grower" series of our flower-powered blog, where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of flowers and the passionate people who grow them. In this series, learn about those dedicated to cultivating locally grown flowers. From small-scale farmettes to large commercial growers, each has a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of flower growing, one grower at a time.

Solace Lavender Farm is a fragrant oasis nestled in Kerman, CA, where the sweet scent of lavender fills the air. At the heart of this lavender haven is Dallas Nord, the visionary grower behind this lavender venture.

Dallas's journey as a lavender grower started in 2022 when he decided to explore a new venture for his family farm. Enrolling in an online course through Michigan State University and joining the US Lavender Growers Association, Dallas planted a lush acre of lavender that became the foundation of Solace Lavender Farm. With each passing day, his passion for this versatile plant grew, and the vision of Solace Lavender Farm came to life.

As a new grower, Dallas faces the challenges of establishing Solace Lavender Farm in Fresno County and tackles common occurrences like weeds and gophers. "I hope we can build a thriving local flower economy that is unique to our region. We really do have some of the best soil in the world--we can grow just about anything here! One dream is that we could develop some kind of flower farm trail--like the Peach Blossom Trail or a Wine Trail but for small flower farms." says Dallas.

Beyond his green thumb, Dallas's interests span across diverse realms. With a Master's degree in Theology, he occasionally delves into theological writing. He's also an avid bird watcher, a passion he shares with his daughter, and keeps track of various bird species thriving at the farm. For Dallas, lavender is more than a specialty; it's a passion. Drawn to its versatility, he marvels at how this exquisite herb finds its way into bouquets, essential oils, and even culinary delights. A love for lavender that started with a special touch at his wedding, where guests tossed lavender buds instead of rice, now thrives on the sprawling fields of Solace Lavender Farm.

Solace Lavender Farm invites you to join them for U-Pick days every season in June, an experience like no other in the Central Valley. Stroll through a sea of lavender and create cherished memories while picking your bundles of this beloved herb. The farm also offers a picturesque backdrop for photographers looking to capture the blooms in their full glory.

From fragrant dried and fresh lavender bundles, hand-crafted lavender essential oil, lavender sachets, and lavender botanical mist (hydrosol), you'll find the essence of tranquility in every product. Experience the magic of being surrounded by this aromatic herb by visiting the farm during their much-anticipated U-Pick days, at Solace Lavender Farm, where you can wander through a picturesque acre of lavender fields and pick your very own lavender bundles. For those looking for a local market experience, discover Solace Lavender Farm's offerings at the Fresno Flower Market and the Kerman Farmers Market. Can't make it in person? Keep an eye out for their upcoming online store, where you can indulge in their lavender treasures from the comfort of your home. With Dallas Nord's passion and dedication, Solace Lavender Farm is bound to become a cherished sanctuary for lavender enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Discover the allure of this lavender haven and immerse yourself in the serene world of Solace Lavender Farm by following them on Instagram

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