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Meet Reyna Cozad, the passionate grower cultivating beauty at Blooms on Lincoln Ave.

Welcome to our "Get-To-Know-The-Flower Grower" series of our flower-powered blog, where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of flowers and the passionate people who grow them. In this series, we learn about those dedicated to cultivating locally grown flowers. From small-scale farmettes to large commercial growers, each has a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of flower growing, one grower at a time.

Reyna Cozad is the creative and passionate grower behind Blooms on Lincoln Ave. Her flower farm cultivates beautiful and abundant fresh-cut flowers to spread joy. Reyna has poured love and intention into growing a variety of specialty florals for her customers. Whether it's cut flowers by the stem, fresh flower bouquets, dried flowers, or live plants and seeds, they are all typically available for purchase at the Flower Market events.

Reyna offers a variety of floral services, including spring and late summer subscriptions, celebration bouquets, and arrangements. She also provides expert florist services for special gatherings like bridal and baby showers, and celebration dinners.

Her journey as a grower began as a form of self-care when she struggled with her mental health after becoming a mother. Gardening with fruits and vegetables proved to be therapeutic, and soon, she developed a fondness for growing flowers, particularly for pollinators. In 2020, she took a brave step and started selling small jar bouquets using the flowers she cultivated in her very own backyard on Lincoln Ave. Being a grower brings immense joy to Reyna's life, and she cherishes the opportunity to provide a sanctuary for pollinators and create a haven for her family. The connections she's made with fellow flower lovers have added to the delightful experience of being a grower and enriched her life for the better.

Reyna is not only passionate about her flowers but also has a soft spot for moms eager to learn how to garden with their little ones. She recognizes the beauty of creating connections through shared interests and encourages families to embark on the journey of gardening together.

Like all passionate growers, Reyna faces challenges. The scorching summers of Fresno can be harsh on her plants, but she perseveres with her love for no-till regenerative farming. She proudly avoids using chemicals and embraces natural solutions.

Looking ahead, Reyna dreams of a future where Fresno's flower growers can meet the city's floral needs with ease. She envisions being a crucial part of supplying the Flower Market with fresh-cut flowers that the public can look forward to getting their weekly floral delights, supporting local growers instead of opting for grocery store bouquets. Reyna's creativity knows no bounds; besides her passion for flowers, she loves to sing. Although she was diagnosed as tone-deaf in high school, it hasn't dampened her spirits or her love for music.

Though she's humble about it, Reyna is an expert at growing Italian ranunculus. This year, she has dedicated several beds to cultivating these stunning flowers. As for her personal favorites, the timeless anemones in spring hold a special place in her heart. With an exceptionally long vase life, they make the perfect floral companions during the cooler months.

While Blooms on Lincoln Ave doesn't currently host on-farm events, there's exciting news on the horizon! Reyna hopes to organize a couple of U-picks or bouquet-arranging classes on her farm next year. Keep an eye out for these magical experiences. If you're in Fresno, don't miss the chance to experience the magic of Blooms on Lincoln Ave.

Reyna's dedication to regenerative farming, her love for pollinators, and her flowers will leave you with a newfound appreciation for nature's gifts. Check out or see her and her beautiful blooms in person at a Flower Market event near you.

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